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Tales of Awakening

Tales of Awakening

Travels, Teaching, and

Transcendence with Namgyal Rinpoche


Gathered by Rab Wilkie & David Berry

Tales of Awakening gathers stories from 65 students of interactions they had with their meditation teacher, Namgyal Rinpoche while in a class or traveling around the world. The book gives a sense of the teachings they received and what they derived from them. There is great diversity in viewpoint, realization before and after the interactions and in the signal the Teacher sent to each student in that moment in their lives. In the sum of the various stories, teachings and quotes the essence of this book emerges. The book is part of a living transmission lineage. Several authors who share in these pages are also teachers. Centers in many countries around the world and books by Namgyal Rinpoche are listed in appendices.

244 Pages

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Contemplations for the Scientific Age

by Sonam Senge

A non-sectarian universal approach to cultivating loving-kindness, compassion, transcendental joy and equanimity. Part I gives a modern, philosophical overview of the part these altruistic states play in all life; Part II is an easy-to-follow meditation manual for cultivating each of the altruistic states.

100 pages

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by Mark Webber

A clear, inspiring book on the very heart of meditation and the glorious nature of the uncontrived mind. Why Meditate? first emphasizes that all meditation is ultimately for the release from suffering and dissatisfaction, then it conveys a vast view of meditation - including important teaching on the cultivation of calm and insight. It also gives helpful advice on how to become free of repetitive struggles and open to the transcendental and the joyous activity of spiritual discovery.

Mark's refreshing. often poetic approach and thought-provoking questions sweep away cobwebs about the spiritual life so that the natural factors of bliss, clarity, spaciousness and non-separation can be effortlessly experienced and cultivated. A joy to read and contemplate, it follows in the Buddhist tradition of the teachings of Mahamudra, the "Great Seal of Voidness" - the finder pointing directly to the ultimate nature of mind and phenomena.

This book also includes the author's "Homage to Vajra Yogini", a passionate prayer for the liberation of all beings.

80 pages

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Buddhist Dictionary

Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines,

by Nyanatiloka


Authentic and lucid explanations of Pali Buddhist terms.

Since its first publication in 1952, Buddhist Dictionary has been a trusted companion and helper in the study of Buddhist

literature.  The author, Nyanatiloka Thera, was qualified as few others have ever been to serve as a reliable guide through the field

of Theravada Buddhist terminology and doctrine.  Not a mere word dictionary but an aid to the terminology of Theravada

Buddhism, Buddhist Dictionary will be as helpful to the serious lay student as to the professional scholar.


268 pages

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The Mirror of the Dhamma

The Mirror of the Dhamma

A Manual of Buddhist Chanting & Devotional Texts

 Contains pithy renderings of the major tenets of the Buddha's teaching.

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16 Stages of Insight Manual
(Kammattana-Vipassana Progress)

Describes the 16 Stages of Insight, including the different levels of bliss, the 10 higher defilements and the Stages of Path Moment and Fruition. A valuable reference for one's practice.

A Garland of Morning Prayers,

A Garland of Morning Prayers

In the tradition of Mahayana Buddhism, translated from old Tibetan texts, an inspiring, profound collection of prayers, praises and mantras.

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Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness


Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness

by Ven. Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.

The Tibetan term 'stong nyid sgom rim' means something like 'progressive stages of meditation on emptiness'.  The idea of a series of meditation practices on a particular aspect of the Buddha's teachings is that by beginning with one's first rather coarse common-sense understanding, one progress through increasingly subtle and more refined stages until one arrives at complete and perfect understanding.  Each stage in the process prepares the mind for the next in so far as each step is fully integrated into one's understanding through the meditation process.

93 Pages