Dharma Centre of Canada

Dharma Centre of Canada   Kinmount Ontario, Canada

Mission Statement

"...To carry on the instruction and practice of meditation, the study of philosophy and religion and the performance of charitable works in Canada."

The Dharma Centre offers ongoing instruction in the laws of awakening or enlightenment, through different meditation approaches, from mindfulness practice, breath awareness, loving kindness practice, visualization and creative imagination, to insight practice or Vipassana, Vajrayana Tantra, chakra and energy work, yoga and Western Tarot work.

The Dharma Center offers single and double accomodation on a 400 acre property, in a beautiful setting of Ontario woodlands, streams and meadows. Founded in 1966, the Dharma Centre is one of the oldest meditation centres in North America.

Dharma Centre of Canada
1886 Galway Road,
Kinmount, Ont. K0M 2A0
Tel: (705) 488-2704
Fax: (705) 488-2215